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Real Estate

How We Can Help You with Real Estate

How many times have you heard lawyers characterized as “deal killers” in real estate transactions? While it is important for lawyers to be careful and thorough, our team brings actual hands on entrepreneurial experience to the table. We also bring real estate litigation experience which guides us in identifying and avoiding the problems which give rise to lawsuits. We understand the importance of timely transactions, the time value of money, and more than anything else. the importance of reaching the finish line promptly and safely. We work hard to avoid the traps and pitfalls which can wither kill deals or lead to expensive legal disputes post closing.

We get the deal closed, whether in our role as title agent, negotiator, or legal advisor. We understand that helping our clients achieve their goals is the paramount value we provide. 

Our team has broad corporate law experience, from board room membership, to entrepreneurship, to success in negotiations. Our goal is to work with your tax advisor, accountants and others to forge a team approach which informs our clients of their opportunities, options and risks to the end of achieving a successful transaction which is trouble free both before and after the closing. 

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