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Employment & Labor Law

How We Can Help You with Employment & Labor Law

Employment and Labor Law are important for both businesses and employees. Not only do these areas of law encompass standards for pay, but also issues regarding temporary workers, discrimination, health & safety, benefits & pension, workers’ compensation, and other workplace standards. We can help businesses understand these laws and advise them on best practice strategies that offer fairness to their employees while also protecting their business. We can also help employees who have been mistreated in the workplace.

Employment and Labor law is a very important subject for businesses. Often times businesses in violation of employment and labor laws have no malice towards their employees, but they are simply unaware of employment laws and standards. Small businesses are particularly susceptible to these types of violations, because they rarely have the appropriate legal counsel. We help small and family-owned businesses understand and implement employment and labor law standards that create a fair and safe environment with minimal headaches. We also help larger businesses transition through the changes to these laws.   

Employees have more rights beyond the commonly known issues of worker’s compensation, wage standards, and discrimination. Immigrant workers in particular are often unaware of their rights and are subject to detrimental and unfair working conditions. They may not realize they have been subject to wage theft and have the right to recover. Employees often have more legal recourse than they imagine, such as their ability to collect from an employer who has declared bankruptcy. While not as common, there are many other issues of employment and labor law including whistleblower protections, laws against polygraph tests, notices for plant closings and mass layoffs, and reemployment rights for uniformed services. We can help our clients with all of the many issues surrounding employment and labor law.

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