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Commercial Transactions

How We Can Help You with Commercial Transactions

Our team has broad corporate law experience, from board room membership, to entrepreneurship, to success in negotiations. Our goal is to work with your tax advisor, accountants and others to forge a team approach which informs our clients of their opportunities, options and risks to the end of achieving a successful transaction which is trouble free both before and after the closing. 

We have a genuine interest in developing solutions for businesses. Our attention to detail, strong communication skills, and ability to master a lot of facts quickly helps us serve our learn clients’ business model so that they understand the opportunities and associated risks. We view ourselves as skilled team members who help others achieve their business objectives while maintaining the long-term health of the business.

We assist our clients with the acquisition, financing, marketing and sale of various goods, services, products and technologies. We help our clients protect, use and license their products and services, providing advice about the protection of IP portfolios, from issues like the branding of their products to the development and licensing of their technologies.

We handle many types of transactions and support activities like advertising and promotion. Every business has agreements for sales of goods and services, and supply arrangements. Also, many businesses have a need for marketing agreements, resale or distribution agreements, or franchising deals. We help our clients in all of these endeavors by bringing years of experience coupled with tenacity and attention to detail.

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