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We practice in personal injury, labor, commercial litigation and transactions, with an emphasis on complex contractual matters. We are a leading group of highly professional lawyers whose goal is to protect you, your family, and business. We aim to assure our clients that with our help it is possible to quickly and effectively resolve any issue.

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 Rahdert & Mortimer, PLLC provides comprehensive legal services in the areas of Real Estate, Commercial Litigation, Commercial Transactions, Employment & Labor, Personal Injury, and Estate Planning. We have developed numerous deep specialties over our long and successful history practicing law which allows us to serve the full spectrum of our clients’ needs.
Real Estate
We can help protect your rights when purchasing, utilizing, and transferring properties. We aim to eliminate the stress of Real Estate transactions by protecting you from unnecessary complications.
Commercial Litigation
We can assess the merits of virtually every type of dispute that can arise in the business context in order to mount the necessary prosecution or defense.
Commercial Transactions
We believe our clients should close deals quickly while also having their interests protected. We can help you take advantage of these opportunities.
Employment & Labor Law
We help protect the rights of groups of people as well as individuals in various work-related matters.
Personal Injury
Personal injury resulting from auto accidents, negligence, and other causes can be difficult and confusing to deal with. Let us help you get the compensation you deserve.
Estate Planning
We help you preserve your assets so you can manage and distribute them as you like instead of having others do so for you.

Our Practice Areas

Our practice areas cover a broad range of business and individual legal services. Large and small businesses, institutions, and individuals can rely on Rahdert & Mortimer to provide attentive, effective, and efficient legal services. Our attorneys have years of experience and our victories in State, Federal, and Supreme Court Cases accentuate the level of care we devote to our clients. We are happy to assist you with litigation, transaction issues, real estate and estate planning, personal injury cases, employment and labor law matters, and more more.  Read through our Practice Areas below and then contact us for professional, personalized legal counsel. 

Clients often want to close a deal quickly in order to take advantage of an opportunity. We adjust to the ebb and flow of work in order to navigate the exciting and challenging realm of commercial transactions. Despite the fast pace, we are thorough and assess the risks of each transaction.

We have a genuine interest in developing solutions for businesses. Over many years we have developed the skills necessary to master of lot of facts quickly in order to inform our clients of opportunities and associated risks. We view ourselves as skilled team members who help others achieve their business objectives while maintaining the long-term health of the business.

We handle many types of transactions and support activities like advertising and promotion. Every business has agreements for sales of goods and services, and supply arrangements. Also, many businesses have a need for marketing agreements, resale or distribution agreements, or franchising deals. We help our clients in all of these endeavors by bringing years of experience coupled with tenacity and attention to detail.

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Real Estate Law encompasses who may own and use property. This simple concept includes a wide range of legal disciplines. Tax law, Landlord-Tenant Law, Accidents, Injuries, and Liability, Estate Planning, and Insurance Law are all important considerations for real estate attorneys. We handle both residential and commercial real estate, as well as help our clients understand the legal implications and processes of real estate. We also help our clients with real estate proceedings, closings, and estate planning

We do more than just advise on real estate matters. We offer title services for people interested in buying, selling, or investing in real estate. Real estate attorneys are not legally required at every transaction. However, if you choose to use our title services, we will review the property’s transaction history to ensure it is able to be sold without future claim or complication. Secondly, we can advise homeowners regarding their mortgage options. Additionally, we can help review the contract to make sure it is fair to all parties. 

We also serve our clients through Estate Planning. We help an individual plan for how they want their assets to be preserved, managed, and distributed after death. These assets not only include real property, but also stocks, artwork, life insurance, pensions, and financial obligations. Estate plans very important, but often overlooked. It is much better for our clients to manage their assets according to their wishes than to have them distributed without their choice. 

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Personal Injuries can occurs in a great number of circumstances. One of the most common instances of personal injury occurs after an auto accident. Personal injury, however, also includes workplace injuries, sports injuries, dog bites, emotional trauma, and more. If you have suffered personal injury due to another party’s negligence, you have the right to recover for your losses. If you contact us, out attorneys will discuss your case without charge to you. 

We can protect your rights and help organize valuable evidence. Often times insurance companies want to immediately receive a statement after a personal injured occurred. It is important to receive legal advice before giving this statement in order to protect your rights and benefits. We can help make sure you are fully compensated and receive the best medical treatment for your injury. Personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis, which means there is no legal fee unless the attorney recovers compensation for your injuries. 

Finical claims for personal injury cases are often significant because they include several factors when determining compensation. For example if your insurance does not pay all of your medical expenses an attorney can help you recover the difference. These medical expenses include emergency room charges, ambulance fees, physical therapy, and consultations with health care professionals. In addition to medical expenses, compensatory damages include lost wages and earning capacity, household services, pain and suffering, property damages, and mental anguish. We use similar calculations for businesses, such as when we recovered damages to local businesses from Florida’s BP Oil Spill.      

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Employment and Labor Law are important for both businesses and employees. Not only do these areas of law encompass standards for pay, but also issues regarding temporary workers, discrimination, health & safety, benefits & pension, workers’ compensation, and other workplace standards. We can help businesses understand these laws and advise them on best practice strategies that offer fairness to their employees while also protecting their business. We can also help employees who have been mistreated in the workplace.

Employment and Labor law is a very important subject for businesses. Often times businesses in violation of employment and labor laws have no malice towards their employees, but they are simply unaware of employment laws and standards. Small businesses are particularly susceptible to these types of violations, because they rarely have the appropriate legal counsel. We help small and family-owned businesses understand and implement employment and labor law standards that create a fair and safe environment with minimal headaches. We also help larger businesses transition through the changes to these laws.   

Employees have more rights beyond the commonly known issues of worker’s compensation, wage standards, and discrimination. Immigrant workers in particular are often unaware of their rights and are subject to detrimental and unfair working conditions. They may not realize they have been subject to wage theft and have the right to recover. Employees often have more legal recourse than they imagine, such as their ability to collect from an employer who has declared bankruptcy. While not as common, there are many other issues of employment and labor law including whistleblower protections, laws against polygraph tests, notices for plant closings and mass layoffs, and reemployment rights for uniformed services. We can help our clients with all of the many issues surrounding employment and labor law.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have decades of experience working with businesses of all sizes and from many different sectors. Whether your business is a startup looking for legal guidance as you move forward, or it’s a long-standing institution, we have a practical knowledge necessary to protect your interests and grow your business.     

Personal injuries can occur in a great number of circumstance including auto accidents, workplace accidents, sports injuries and so forth. In Florida the most common causes of personal injury are traffic accidents, injury on another person’s property, and injury arising form a dangerous or defective product. We have successfully handled numerous personal injury cases and if you have suffered a personal injury due to another party’s negligence, you have the right to recover for your losses and should contact an attorney to discuss a possible case. Contact Us

Auto accidents are stressful events that can raise dozens of questions. Here are some simple steps to follow when involved in an auto accident:

  1. Check Yourself and your Passengers for Injuries – Make sure you and your passengers are safe, and avoid moving if anyone is injured. 
  2. Stop – Never drive away from the scene of an accident, even a minor one.
  3. Call the Police – Your insurance company may require a police report for even minor accidents. Give an accurate record of what happened when the police arrive.
  4. Take Pictures (Including Injuries), and Report the Accident to your Insurance Company – If you are unable to do this at the scene of the accident do this as soon as you are able.
  5. Seek Medical Attention – Many times no injury is apparent after an auto accident.
  6. Keep a File – Have a file with your claim number, contact information of the parties involved, and any other documentation related to the accident.
  7. Protect Your Rights – Insurance companies want to take statements immediately after an accident, but it’s best to speak with an attorney beforehand. You attorney can advise you on issues ranging from how to be best compensated for your vehicle to how to make sure you are getting the best medical treatment available. Personal Injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, which means there are no legal fees unless the attorney recovers compensation for your injuries.

Many attorneys give free initial consultations or phone calls, but they are not required to provide this service. At Rahdert Law, we will sit down with you, listen to the issue your having, and give you our initial thoughts with no cost or obligation to you.

We believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. One of the best ways to avoid expensive legal costs is to invest in protective measures early. It’s unfortunate, but many times costly, extended disputes could have been avoided with clear, thoroughly drafted contracts, estate plans, intellectual property agreements, franchise agreements, and so forth. 

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I’ve been a client of Rahdert & Mortimer for many years. I know I can count on them to help me with any legal issue I have. I am very grateful to them, especially recently when they handled one of my largest business transactions. 

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I’ve worked with George for many years. He has helped me tremendously in my Real Estate Business. He is a wealth of knowledge and if he doesn’t know something it’s not worth knowing. 

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