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Real Estate

How We Can Help You with Real Estate

Real Estate Law encompasses who may own and use property. This simple concept includes a wide range of legal disciplines. Tax law, Landlord-Tenant Law, Accidents, Injuries, and Liability, Estate Planning, and Insurance Law are all important considerations for real estate attorneys. We handle both residential and commercial real estate, as well as help our clients understand the legal implications and processes of real estate. We also help our clients with real estate proceedings, closings, and estate planning

We do more than just advise on real estate matters. We offer title services for people interested in buying, selling, or investing in real estate. Real estate attorneys are not legally required at every transaction. However, if you choose to use our title services, we will review the property’s transaction history to ensure it is able to be sold without future claim or complication. Secondly, we can advise homeowners regarding their mortgage options. Additionally, we can help review the contract to make sure it is fair to all parties. Many real estate investors and first time home buyers choose to use our firm for these reasons.

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